Commercial fishers and wild salmon advocates cheer large returns to B.C. waters

VICTORIA — The summer of 2022 is shaping up to be a bumper season for both pink and sockeye salmon in British Columbia rivers, with one veteran Indigenous fisherman reporting the biggest catches of...

Prices for B.C. vacation homes dip despite steady demand

Rapid price increases are giving way to price reductions amid a growing inventory of recreational properties across the province

China does not seek conflict in the Taiwan Strait; the United States does

Recently, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited the region of Taiwan, which seriously violated the one-China principle and the provisions of the three China-U.S. joint...

Climate activist Anjali Appadurai takes on David Eby in BC NDP leadership race

Anjali Appadurai tosses her hat in the BC NDP leadership race, ensuring policy debate ahead of Premier John Horgan's resignation

Timeline of B.C.'s 2022 tech layoffs

BIV’s ongoing and updated list of B.C. tech companies that have cut jobs this year

Will B.C. adopt 'McMafia' law to combat money laundering?

Unexplained wealth orders are expanding in the United Kingdom. A Vancouver criminal defence lawyer calls them "a frightening expansion of the surveillance state" that the B.C. government ought to...

Is there a green light ahead for hydrogen in freight transportation?

Commercial transportation and hard-to-electrify sectors need a green fuel option, but hydrogen might not be it

Why it’s time for a North American Infrastructure Bank

Canada can enhance its competitiveness through joint infrastructure improvements with its largest trade partner

Survey: Housing, property taxes, crime top list of voter concerns in Metro Vancouver

In some Metro Vancouver municipalities, the candidates who will participate in this year’s municipal elections are practically finalized. There are still rumours about who could jump in, as well as...

B.C. government workers’ strike on the horizon?

The union representing B.C. government workers could serve 72-hour strike notice on Friday, according to a source familiar with negotiations. That would mean either job action early next week or a...

Digital strategist from Chip Wilson’s political action committee worked for NPA

A leaked document shows at least one member of the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association’s staff is connected to a dark money political action committee backed by sportswear and real estate mogul Chip...

Kelowna industrial shortage pressures other land uses

Golf courses, farmland on development path as cities plan for future growth